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Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer vinyl (or HTV for short) allows us to add personalized touches to garments and accessories (including logos, names and text).

Benefits with Vinyl Heat Transfers

One of the great things about heat press vinyl is that there are so many different varieties of colors and finishes - glossy, matte, flock, stretchy, glow-in-the-dark and glitter - you name it! No matter what project you've got, Designs Plus Custom Shirts has a HTV that's perfect for it.

VHT Applications: Solid colors, Glow in the dark, Glitter, Holographic, Metal, Sparkle and StripFlock. VHT has the quickest turnaround time.

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What is HTV?

Heat transfer vinyl is a material that, when heat is applied, adheres to a surface, such as fabric, to permanently affix a design. The vinyl is made from polyurethane and comes in thin rolls. HTV is also very versatile—you can tailor fit its color, finish, and texture to fit whatever use you have for it. The application process involves cutting a design onto the vinyl, weeding what’s cut (removing the negative space with a tool), and placing what remains onto a t-shirt or other products. After that, just add heat—once it adheres, you have a durable and decorative design.

How is HTV Used?

A full understanding of heat transfer vinyl isn’t complete without explaining what it can be used for. Here are some common items HTV can be used with: T-shirts, DIY sports jerseys, Canvas and decorative wood projects, Accessories (bags, aprons, etc.) Pillows and Tumblers. T-shirt production is HTV’s most prominent use. HTV adherence to various fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon, and more is highly effective. The aforementioned uses for HTV, like modifying sports jerseys and making unique art on wood or canvas, are just a few of the creative ways HTV technology can be used outside of t-shirt design.

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