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Direct to Garment Printing

DTG advanced technology creates stunning, vibrant, and unique prints to showcase your brand, promote a cause, or express your personal style

Direct to garment printing is actually a process where ink is directly printed onto clothing using a specialized printer. It's a unique process that allows for high-quality and vibrant designs to be produced quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of DTG: striking Image Quality

advantages with direct to garment printing

No setup costs. Allows for small orders to be printed at a reasonable price. Can print extremely detailed images. Does not charge by the color, making full-color printing affordable, Ink binds directly to fibers so it feels more like it's part of the fabric. Printing Jobs DTG Is Used For: Low quantities. Detailed designs with gradients, shading, or many colors

How it Works:
Direct to Garment Printing

captures complicated images so accurately

DTG is less complicated then you'd expect given that it can capture complicated images so accurately on something as soft as a shirt or sweater. An underbase of white ink has to be laid below the actual colors of your design on dark colour shirts to ensure that the colors look like you intended.

The process of direct to garment

CMYK ink Model

The process used for translating the colors from the digital image into ink to print onto the garment relies on the CMYK color model. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and the key color, which is black. Applied in the order in which they appear in the acronym, to create all the colors in the digital design.

Ink direct method

 The inks bind directly to the fibers of the garment's material, which is why cotton - a fibrous material - is better for DTG printing than polyester - a much smoother material. Once all the colors have been added and the design is complete, heat will often be used to dry the ink. This entire process can take as little as two - five minutes to complete!

how dtg compares

To screen-printing

Screen printing has an expensive and labor-intensive setup, while DTG has almost no setup at all. This makes DTG more cost effective for “small” orders

However, once setup is complete, the per-unit cost of screenprinting is much cheaper than that of DTG which makes it more cost-effective for larger orders. Screenprinting cannot capture as much detail nor as many colors as DTG.

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