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About Designs Plus Custom Shirts

We are local, We are innovative, We are Designs Plus Custom Shirts

We're a super team made up of a husband and wife duo! We've been killin' it since '99. And get this—We have a real live artist (aka Rhonda) designing our shirts, not some boring online software. Our shirts are so unique and awesome. And best of all, We print everything in-house, which means super fast turnaround and amazing prices. It's like we have a secret superpower!

Image of the owners of Designs Plus Custom Shirts Rhonda and Steve Firth

Meet Steve

Meet Rhonda

We Bring Special Moments To Life

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At Designs Plus Custom Shirts, Rhonda & Steve take care of all their customers, ensuring they receive the best T-Shirt on the shelve!


Using a top of the line DTG printer, they can print on a array of different apparel wear. Rhonda & Steve are devoted to delivering their unique services to their clients day by day and strive to provide Custom Printed Apparel with vibrant distinction to all of their products.

meet Rhonda & Steve

Owner Operators

Founder of Designs Plus Custom Shirts Ltd
Rhonda (Wifey)

Founder, Creative Director

Founder / Master Artist / Pressman - Rhonda founded Designs Plus Custom Shirts in 2014. Loves all elements of design with an extensive background in print design she has led large- scale projects, focusing on innovation and design. Take note: Rhonda designed & developed this whole website. www. designsplus.ca. Pretty cool eh!

You could describe Rhonda as a non-fiction book-lover, coupled with an OCD level of perfectionism, proud mother of four beautiful children and owner of one cat called Kitty, a tea granny and is always partial to a cheeky sweet snack when offered.

Steve owner of Designs Plus Custom Shirts
Stephen (Hubby)

Pre Press Production

Pre Press Production/ Deliveries  - Steve is in his element when working on prepress production and, most of all he loves it when he's on the road meeting people when he's out making deliveries.

Steve is a fun free spirited guy who loves spending time chilling & grilling, all year long, enjoying the fruits of his labor with a whacked out version of some sort of meat on the smoker or grill. He is a proud dad of four beautiful children and he likes telling quirky dad jokes. Owner of one cat called Jax, 

See Rhonda's Ideas Come To Life

Customized Design to Your Liking

Designs Plus Custom Shirts Services a wide array of clients, including: vacation groups, sports teams, leagues, reunions, birthday’s, retirements, announcements, milestones, businesses, fundraisers, along with those classic bachelor and bachelorette parties amongst others. Designs Plus Custom Shirt makes everyday personalized t-shirts fun and exciting to wear.

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custom baby onesie printing in Moncton NB
Values That Lead Us

Rhonda and Steve are two highly admirable individuals who are driven by a set of core values that guide their actions and decisions.


Think big

Rhonda & Steve always serve up something distinct. They mix a potent combination of strategy with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused customized solutions as a chaser.


Attention To Detail

Clarity of design and simplicity of use produce the ideal combination. With an understanding that comes from obsessive attention to detail, Rhonda & Steve's outstanding creativity brings you an effective, tailor-made, perfectly-designed printed tee. 


Always be Different

Rhonda & Steve are inspired by the go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers; and their designs embody this very spirit. A Designs Plus Custom Shirt is crafted for everyone daring to disrupt the norm.

Let’s get creative

If you want to talk to Rhonda about your next project, She would love to hear from you.

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