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Picture perfect: Moncton's finest high-resolution photo t-shirt printing services

Wear your favorite photographs or artwork with pride and style on our printed photo t-shirts. Show off your creativity, memories, or passions and let us do the rest. Our high-quality prints will bring your pics to life and turn your selected apparel into unique and personalized pieces that you'll love to wear and share! So, whether it's a special occasion, a gift idea, or just a way to express yourself, our photo printed apparel is the perfect choice. Get ready to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with our printed photo t-shirt services.

adorable puppy photo printed onto a t-shirt with personalized name and decorated with graphic design elements
An expulsion of color printed onto a pullover hoodie with a tigers head in the center of color

Printed Photo Tees: For Every Occasion

Your Photos or full color artwork will be printed in very high detail on white or dark-coloured garments.

Why settle for plain and boring t-shirts or hoodies when you can showcase your favorite memories and artwork on custom printed apparel? That's right, you heard it correctly! We will print your beloved pictures onto t-shirts, hoodies, and other selected items. Custom printed photo t-shirts make excellent personalized gifts. So, why settle for low-quality, mass-produced apparel when you can unleash your creativity and express yourself with our printed photo t-shirt printing services? Order today and discover the boundless possibilities of personalized photo t-shirts!

man wearing white t-shirt with a printed full color baby picture and text with daddy since 2023

Photo Printed T-Shirts

Have your family or favorite photos printed onto t-shirts in high detailed resolution.

lady wearing long sleeve black t-shirt with full color image of flowers and text say good vibes

Photo Printed Long Sleeves

Have your artwork or graphics printed onto long sleeve tees in high detailed resolution.

Man wearing black pullover hoodie with photo of a cute puppy with text saying sorry I can't I have plans with my dog

Printed Photo Hoodies

Have your pet photos printed onto pullover hoodies in high detailed resolution.

lady wearing a crewneck sweater with full color image of flowers and text printed on the front

Printed Photo Sweaters

Have your full color graphics printed onto crewnecks in high detailed resolution.

Why choose Direct to Garment?

Realistic Artwork and Photo Picture Prints

Compared to other types of printing, like screen printing or heat transfer, direct to garment printing offers a few notable advantages like the ability to print complex designs with multiple colors and gradients without the need for additional setup or color separations. Plus, because the ink is applied directly to the fabric, the designs are often more durable and longer-lasting, making them perfect for everything from personalized gifts to high-quality merchandise.

No Minimums

Are you looking for just 1 t-shirt? We can now print that for you! We are excited to have this as one of our new offerings. Where screen printing is best suited for bulk printing, DTG is perfectly suited for small orders and one-offs.

Colour Prints

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is the perfect way to print full colour, photo-realistic artwork onto apparel. DTG printing is a great alternative to screen printing for complex, multi colour artwork. We can also print single colour designs!

100% Cotton

DTG printing should be on t-shirts that are 100% cotton or 70% cotton for hoodies. Our printer uses water based inks that adhere only to cotton fibers. Once adhered, they won’t wash off or fade! 

We'll help you design the photo shirt print you want.

Our Skilled T-Shirt Artist Will Help Every Step of The Way

A picture is work a thousand words-so add a favorite photo on a t-shirt and let Designs Plus Custom Shirts add custom text and design elements to complete your photo shirt look. Our digital printing technology will render clear photo t-shirts that will last for years. We offer both full-color and black and white photo printing. Custom/Personalized photograph tee-shirts are perfect for birthday parties, memorial shirts, family gatherings, and much more!

need help getting started?

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