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Supply Your Own T-Shirts
& Hoodies.
Save on Printing Cost

Let Designs Plus Custom Shirts print on your supplied tees or hoodies at reduced printing cost.

Budget Friendly Custom T-Shirt Printing

Designs Plus Custom Shirts located in Moncton NB, offers clients the chance to utilize and save a few bucks by allowing them to supply their own t-shirts and hoodies all at a reduced print cost.

How Suppling Your Own T-Shirts & Hoodies Work

1: T-shirts should be 100% cotton and Hoodies should be a minimum of 70% otter-shell cotton. Our printer uses water based inks that adhere only to cotton fibers. Once adhered, they won’t wash off or fade! 

2: T-shirts and hoodies must be new and not worn, tags and stickers must be removed from front or back of shirts, as the glue from stickers may interfere with print applications. 

3: We can use t-shirts & hoodies that are a mix of fabrics for text based designs or designs that require one colour ink and not heavy in detail.

4: Suppling your own garments are perfect for large events, get togethers and businesses looking to save on custom t-shirt & hoodie printing cost.

5: Not sure where to buy wholesale t-shirts? No worries Designs Plus Custom Shirts can hook you up with a trusted supplier. Contact us for more deatils or have any questions.

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