Custom Hockey Jersey Lettering

We know there are tons of options when it comes to creating the perfect jersey for your adult league or youth travel team, so we will make it as easy as possible for you. We offer same-day lettering at our Moncton location.

Custom Sports Jersey Lettering Application


Vinyl is a specially designed material and is cut by a special vinyl cutter into unlimited shapes and sizes. Names and numbers are spaced perfectly. Advantages:
The ability to create names, numbers, and team badges on a computer and have them immediately cut and applied to a jersey makes this the most popular, quickest and the least expensive option. Player perfect, professional-looking hockey jersey lettering and high-quality appliqué. A jersey lettering application is a durable finished product that will last for years.

Custom Hockey Jersey Lettering Services

How Big are the Numbers on a NHL Hockey Jersey?

NHL numbers are usually 11.5”-12” on the back and 4” on the sleeve. At Designs Plus Custom Shirts, our standard size numbers are 11.5” back numbers and 4” sleeve numbers. The Official Rule of the NHL Captain’s Letters size C is 3′ inches high and Alternate Captains letter ‘A’ is also three inches high. 

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